Twice Weekly Package

For four dogs or more, we suggest visiting your yard two times per week.

Four dogs or more package

A group of dfferent kinds of dogs sitting together on a wite background.
This is our big dog package.

Some folks love their dogs and have a lot of them! For 4 or more dogs we suggest our awesome twice weekly service. We'll visit your yard two times each week. Either Monday/Thursday or Tuesday/Friday.

You get 8 visits over 4 weeks.

$84.00 ($10.50 per visit)

*Initial cleanup fee may apply (see below)

Initial Cleanup

A cute, brown poodle wearing a cleaning uniform and holding a vacuum and duster.
*Please note:

Additional initial cleanup fee will apply if it has been more than one week since your yard was last fully cleared of pet waste.​ If you need an initial clean, please tell us how many weeks since your last clean in the comments section of your shopping cart. Or fill out our contact form and we'll get back to you with a quote.