Odour Elimination Service

After we clear your yard of pet waste, we'll spray to eliminate any residual odour left behind.

Odour Control

We'll free your yard of pet waste odour!

This seasonal service rids your yard or dog run of the bacteria that causes the residual odour in your pet's waste and urine. It is perfect for those with artificial grass or turf!

After doing our usual poop scooping service, our Service Reps will spray the affected areas with Vagabond's revolutionary product called EZ-Clean.

This incredible product is a fully formulated liquid blend of microbes used in eliminating smells and degrading organic waste. It is completely safe for people and pets as it uses naturally occurring bacteria.

There are no harmful chemicals in this product and it is 100% environmentally friendly. The synergistic cultures in EZ-Clean provide excellent breakdown of starches, carbohydrates, tissues, fats, grease and oils.​

Odour Elimination Service

Odour control icon graphic of cure Beagle puppy with his nose really close to the camera.
Odour Control

One application per visit over a 4-week period.

$51.00 ($12.75/application)

*This seasonal service is only available during the spring, summer and fall season (May - October).