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Wintertime poop scooping to the rescue!

This is the time of year you need us most.

We've been clearing yards of pet waste since 2004, there's nothing we haven't seen.


Don't be embarrassed by what's in your backyard, we know you're busy.


Picking up poop is an easy thing to forget about.


Number One in the Number Two Business

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This winter, let us worry about the dog poop!

Winter is the season you need our service the most!


Snowfall has sneaky way of making you forget about how often you let your dogs out into the backyard to do their business. It's a lot more than you think!


A couple of days of dog poop doesn't look too bad, then it snows and covers that layer of waste. A few more days of poop on a new layer of snow... no big deal. Then it snows again covering up that layer of waste. Rinse and repeat throughout the entire winter.


Then spring arrives and guess what?Months and months of waste start to be revealed. It ain't pretty!


So keep up on it throughout the entire winter by using our affordable and reliable service.

Scooping Poop since 2004

Servicing 1377

clients weekly

Cleared over

6350 yards to date

Before and After picture of a yard that had lots of dog poop in it. and was cleared by the Poooh Busters team in Calgary.
Yard that has lots of dog poop in it.

We are Calgary's Trusted leader in wintertime pooper scooper services.

We're not just barking our heads off here!

Don't take our word for it, we literally have hundreds of testimonials from dog loving, homeowners and renters just like you. 


Here's some of our best testimonials from people with the same problem...

No time to clean up that backyard from all the dog poop. 

I just wanted to say that I'm likely to sign up for your twelve week package. 

This feels like a life saver to me.

I have been struggling trying to balance being a single mom and getting things done.

One look at my yard and I was instantly smiling!


 - Cindy S.

I'm thrilled with your service and telling all my friends.

I wasn't sure it was worth spending money to get the yard cleaned but with a baby in the house I'm really tight for time.

You fine folks have taken a time consuming task out of my hands and I always look forward to my "fresh yard day".

I think about the cost and it works out to one cup of Tim's coffee a day.

I'd rather invest that money into small business and extra time with my daughter.


 - Erika F.


I run a day home with three toddlers and an Infant.

Your crew came into my yard sometime during "nap time" so quietly. Our dog didn't even bark waking them!

I will not hesitate contacting you again for winter service and I have passed your name on.

Thank you!


 - Sasha A.

Yard that has been completely cleared of all dog poop by Poooh Busters

Current Service Areas

This is what we can do for your yard!

Calgary - Airdrie - Cochrane

Okotoks - High River

Chestermere - Langdon - Strathmore

Bowden - Red Deer - Sylvan Lake

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Wintertime poop scooping to the rescue!

This is the time of year you need us most.



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