Winter Policy

Here's what you need to know about our poop scooping service during the winter months

Winter is a tricky time of year for our type of service. There will be times when mother nature just won't cooperate, and we'll miss performing services due to many factors:

- freezing temperatures (for staff safety)heavy snowfall (your dog's waste is buried)
- vehicle breakdowns
- traffic nightmares due to weather
- frozen gates prevent us from accessing your yard
- slips, trips and falls causing injury to our staff
- illness due to cold and flu season If we can't get your dog's waste due to any of the above factors, we'll simply be out in the following week to pick up where we left off.


There will be times when we will still use a weekly credit even though service was not performed as expected.

When will we use your credits?

1. If we come to your yard, the gate is frozen or blocked by drifting snow making the yard inaccessible.

- Our Reps arrive, ready to work, but we can't get in. We still need to charge a credit for this. Don't worry, the waste missed this week will get picked up next week.

2. If you want to cancel your pickup with less than 12 hours notice AND your dog has been depositing waste during the skipped week.

- We will be picking up two weeks worth of waste the following week.

When will we NOT use your credits?

1. If Poooh Busters initiates a cancellation of your weekly service for any other reason including, but not limited to illness, injury, vehicle breakdown, holidays.

2. We call a "snow day".
For the safety of our staff, snow days are called when it's too cold to be outside or a massive dump of snow occurred the night before. We won't use a weekly credit since we were unable to service your yard, but when we return the following week to pick up two weeks worth of waste, we'll need to charge two credits to cover disposal costs and labour of picking up the extra week of built-up waste.

Please help keep our staff safe!

It would help greatly increase the safety of your Service Rep if you kept access to your property clear of snow and ice. Each year our Service Reps experience slips, trips and falls due to areas that were not maintained. When spring finally arrives, all the layers of buried waste will be gone, and you enjoy a clean, worry-free springtime melt.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the above policy, please contact our Client Services team at

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