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One Dog Packages


Additional Initial Cleanup Fee may apply if it has been more than a week since your yard was fully cleared of pet waste.


52 Weeks

Best Deal package!


Imagine an entire year of worry-free pet waste removal.

4 Weeks


(about $11.75/week)

(about $10.10/week)

Great starter package!


Four glorious weeks of worry-free pet waste removal.

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12 Weeks

Our most popular package!


The majority of clients love this one! Forget about dog poop for a whole 3 months.

(about $10.85/week)



Best Deal

One Dog Packages

Two Dog Packages

Three Dog Packages​

Four Dog Package

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(about $8.50/week)

4 Visits / 8 Weeks


Instead of coming every week, we'll visit every other week.

This package is not available during the fall and winter seasons.


It will return again in Spring 2020.


We apologize for the inconvenience!

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