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We accept e-Transfer payments!



Poooh Busters believes in making life as easy as possible. That includes making our payment process a little easier and as accessible to as many people as possible.

If you regularly use the Interac e-Transfer service through your banking institution, you're probably already very familiar with how the process works. Feel free to start using this method to top up your weekly credits at your convenience. If you're not familiar with how to process an e-Transfer payment to Poooh Busters, follow these easy, step-by-step instructions!

1. Pick Your Banking Institution 
Only certain banks provide the Interac e-Transfer payment process to their customers. Be sure to look at the list above to ensure your bank provides this service. There are over 200 banks that offer it, so you're probably safe to assume you can use this payment option.

2. Determine How Much You Need to Pay 
To start you must know how much you will need to pay for your chosen package including GST. Go to our pricing page and pick your preferred package and note the cost of that package (which includes GST). 

3. Go To Your Online Banking Account 
Now you need to go to your online banking account and log in. Each bank's online interface is a little different so from here you must go to the area of your account where you make payments. It's usually labelled, "Make Payments/Transfer Funds". You need to find where to manage your payees.

4. Set up Poooh Busters as an Interac e-Transfer Recipient 
Once you have found where to manage your payees, it's time to set up Poooh Busters as a regular recipient of e-Transfer funds. You only have to do this once, after this we will always be in your list of payees for future payments by e-Transfer.

Follow these steps:

- Create payee name as "Poooh Busters"

- Enter email address as "payments@pooohbusters.com"

- Enter Mobile Number as "403-796-4008"

- Select Notify by as "Both"

- Enter Security Question as "What is Erin's dog's name?"

- Enter the Security Answer as "Buster"

- Select "Continue"

5. Make Your Payment 
Now that Poooh Busters is added to your list of payees, you can go back to your bank's  "Make a Payment/Transfer Funds" page and go through the usual process.

- Enter the amount to pay

- From account

- To Poooh Busters

- By Interac e-Transfer

- Select today's date

- One-Time payment

- Submit


6. That should do it, I think...finally.

That was easy, wasn't it?

We accept

e-Transfer payments!

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