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Odour Elimination Service

We'll rid your yard of pet odour and stains!

We've been picking up dog poop and taking it away for over 13 years and we have never been able to help our clients with the residual odour caused by dog waste or urine. Until now!


Poooh Busters has teamed up with the awesome folks at Vagabond Ventures for an exclusive service offered only to Poooh Busters clients!


This brand new service rids your yard or dog run of the stains and odours caused by your pet's waste and urine. After doing our usual pooper scooper service, our service reps. will spray your yard or dog run with Vagabond's revolutionary product called EZ-Clean. 

How do I add it to my existing weekly service?

Easy! Just click the Add to Cart button and we'll add 4 weeks of odour elimination service to your weekly cleanups. Click the Add to Cart twice and get eight weeks, and so on.


On your next visit, your Service Rep will clean your yard or dog run as usual and when finished, they'll spray the entire area with EZ-Clean.


It's a few hours for the formula to work as all the microbes in the liquid will begin to eat away all the odour and stain causing bacteria. With weekly sprayings, you'll never have to worry about yellowing grass, feces odours or smelly urine ever again.

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4 Weeks

Price includes GST

Go Odour Free

One whole month of fresh smelling yards!



(about $12.25/week)

This incredible product is a fully formulated liquid blend of microbes used in eliminating smells and degrading organic waste. It is completely safe for people and pets as it uses naturally occurring bacteria. There are no harmful chemicals in this product and it is 100% environmentally friendly. The synergistic cultures in EZ-Clean provide excellent breakdown of starches, carbohydrates, tissues, fats, grease and oils.‚Äč

Our odour control service is not available throughout late fall and the winter. We'll be offering it again in Spring 2018!

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