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Bucket Service

Poooh Busters is proud to announce we are now offering our new Bucket Service!


Only $29.00/mth (4 pickups)

What is Bucket Service?


Bucket Service is not a new concept in the pet waste removal industry but it is something new to Poooh Busters.


In a nutshell, it’s a more affordable service where you, the client pick up the pet waste from the backyard yourself. But instead of putting the waste in your trash (black bin), you place the picked up waste in a bucket we provide located somewhere outside your home. Then, once a week, Poooh Busters will come by and take away the dog poop, disposing of it for you.


The bucket and specially made liners inside the bucket are provided by Poooh Busters.

Who Would Use Bucket Service?

There would be several situations when a person would choose bucket service over our usual weekly pickup service packages.


In the summer, people want to have their yards cleaned everyday so they can safely use the yard while the weather is nice. This is when bucket service would be a great alternative.


Other folks like the idea of having the waste taken away but want a more affordable option. By picking up the pet waste themselves they save money but still do not have to worry about disposing of the dog poop themselves.


Sometimes people just don’t like the idea of pet waste sitting around in their garbage bins all week waiting for garbage day to come. This is especially true for those who keep their black bins inside their garage!

Why Would I Use Bucket Service?

In mid-2017, the City of Calgary will be implementing the green bin service for all single family homes. With that, the city will no longer accept pet waste in the regular, black bin garbage cans. They want to eliminate any dog poop and kitty litter from going into the landfill sites.


So all pet owners will need to place their pet’s waste into the green bins for decomposition. This means you can no longer put your kitty litter into plastic bags nor can you use those cute, “biodegradable” dog poop bags. These plastics are not allowed into your green bins as they are not considered compostable.


Poooh Busters offers our bucket service as a safe and affordable alternative to this new situation.


First we provide you with a bucket which allows you to keep your pet waste separate from all your other garbage, organics and recyclables.


Second, we line the bucket with a special, compostable bag. Now you don’t have to worry about going out there and finding these specially made bags yourself.


Third, you can be guaranteed your pet’s waste is NOT going to the city’s landfill but instead is being processed in the city’s new organics composting facility.

It’s also a great place to place your kitty litter too!


Not to mention, it’s a more affordable option over using our usual service packages because it makes no difference how many dogs you have.

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That's a great question!


There is one main reason why backyard composters cannot handle pet waste.


They simply do not get hot enough during the composting process to safely eliminate and kill any harmful bacteria.


Using the City's composting facility (which is where we will direct your pet's waste) ensure strict testing conducted to ensure the compost created is safe to use and meets the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment Guidelines.


Putting your pet's waste in your own backyard composter will not provide you with safe and useable compost material.

I Do My Own Composting; Why Can't I Compost My Pet's Waste Myself?

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